Ear Infections Too Often Misdiagnosed

The ear infection story is all too familiar in my office.  Too many times have I listened to frustrated Mom’s tell me how their child has had 10, 20, or even 30 ear infections in their young lives.  The solution they were given is always the same, antibiotic, after antibiotic.  At least until they go to the next level and suggest surgery.

Antibiotic After Antibiotic, Why so Many Antibiotics?

But where is the common sense?  After taking antibiotic after antibiotic and the ear infections keep coming back, when do we ask the question “are antibiotics the answer?”  You may or may not be surprised to hear that not all ear infections are bacterial, which means a virus can be the culprit and if a virus is the cause then the antibiotics do nothing to help the body recover from a virus, but they do more damage to our kids immune systems.

The use of antibiotics may increase your child’s chances of having another ear infection.  The science behind this reoccurrence looks to your child’s digestive system.  We are starting to understand the importance of a healthy digestive system in relation to a highly functioning immune system.  A healthy gut is composed of millions of healthy bacteria (probiotics) but when your child takes an antibiotic it kills all the bacteria, the good ones and the bad ones.

When your child gets a “cold” the back of their throat gets inflamed and the ear tubes narrow which affect drainage.  The lack of drainage increase pain and pressure on the ears, in most cases the inflammation will decrease in a couple days and the ears will start to drain.

Simple Tips to Help Your Child With an Ear Infection

If you suspect your child has an ear infection then one of the simplest thing to do is to elevate their head when sleeping to promote drainage of their ear tubes.  If your child has been on antibiotics then its important to replace the good gut bacteria by adding a high quality daily probiotic.  The best place to find a good quality probiotic would be to go to a reputable health food store.

If you have tried everything and your child still continues to get ear infections then its time to help your child’s immune system to get back online.  Your child’s body is controlled by their nervous system and its essential their nervous system is communicating without any disturbance.  The immune system is under direct control of the nervous system and if your child’s nervous system is not functioning optimally the immune system will not be effective.

In my experience the birth story of your child is closely related to how well their nervous system is currently adapting.  If you had more interventions during birth such as forceps, vacuum extraction, or c-section then your child was exposed to an increased level of physical stress that can affect the function of their delicate spine.

Pediatric Chiropractic Works to Help Improve Function of Immune System

As a pediatric and family chiropractor my focus is on checking for disturbance between the communication between your child’s brain and their bodies through the nervous system.  The nervous system is connected to the body through the nerves that exit the spine.  If the spine is not moving properly this can be the source of the disturbance that is affected the function of your child’s nervous system.

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