ADHD – Ferrari Brains with Bicycle Brakes

Robbie was 6 years old, had dark brown eyes, a brilliant imagination, and was full of energy. If you ever had the opportunity to watch Robbie play outside it wouldn’t take you long to notice how effortlessly he ran from place to place; you could see how he had amazing control of his body. If there was a poster child for innate athletic ability, there would be a picture of Robbie front and centre.

Robbie absolutely loved his life, well almost every part of it, except for school. Robbie could not sit still in school; he was not able to sit in class and focus on what was being taught. Robbie didn’t think this was a problem, he was an intelligent little boy, but the school thought this was a BIG problem! After meetings with the school, the suggestion was made to consider putting Robbie on medication.

Parents today want options other than medications

As many parents are today, Robbie’s parents were skeptical, and they weren’t convinced medication was the answer. They had concerns about the long-term consequences of adding chemicals into their son’s body, especially during his most influential and developmental years. Robbie’s parents were lost. They knew they had to do something but they didn’t know where to start. They knew their son was a smart little boy, he just needed to “pump” his brakes, and slow down while he was in school.

This story reflects the reality of our world today, where children are medicated more than any generation ever in the past. As our world is moves in a direction back to more natural solutions, medication is not the first choice for many parents. As parents we want to help our children succeed, but the reality is our options for help are usually hidden within stories we hear from other families. Our children are live in a world today with Ferrari brains and bicycle brakes. Our children live in a distracted world, and these distractions stress our children’s brains.
More Stress In Our Kids Lives Today

Children today are exposed to more stress than any previous generation. Our kids are sitting longer, live sedentary lifestyles, and are even brought into this world with more difficult deliveries. Our children are exposed to more pesticides, food additives, and environmental pollution. Peer pressure, busy schedules, and social media bombard our children with emotional stress. This constant barrage of stress in our children’s lives is influences the balance of their brain and nervous system. This imbalance causes the Ferrari brain operating with bicycle brakes.

Our Brain and Nervous System Control Everything

We know our brain and nervous system control everything in our bodies. We know our children experience their world through their brain by everything they see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. Our nervous system has the ability to adapt to the stress in our world, until too much stress pushes past our capacity to adapt. When our nervous system fails to adapt, the spine acts like a breaker panel, and blows a breaker. This blown breaker is a fixation or misalignment in the spine, which is called a subluxation.

Movement of the spine provides nutrition to the brain (proprioception), but when we lose movement because of a subluxation we stop the nutrition to the brain, and the body sends noise (nociception) to the brain instead. The noise in our children’s brain causes a stress response in the nervous system. The result of this stress response is a child with a Ferrari brain operating with bicycle brakes, and that combination is devastating to a child in their formative years of growth and development.

Restore Nutrition to the Brain and Reduce Brain Stress

The purpose of pediatric chiropractic is to correct the subluxation to increase the movement of the spine, which in turn stops the noise and allows nutrition to return to the brain. Imagine how well you would function if you always had noise in your brain. How well would you be able to focus?

Imagine the shift in your child’s potential if their brain develops with optimal nutrition. If we think back to the story about Robbie, he was amazing as long as he could keep moving. When he had to sit in school, he couldn’t move, and when he couldn’t move he wasn’t able to compensate for the noise that was distracting his brain.

Robbie is a little boy that we have seen in our office, and once we started to correct the subluxation, reducing the noise to his brain, and restoring the nutrition to his brain, Robbie became an engaged student. Robbie was always an intelligent little boy, and when we balanced his nervous system everyone else around him was able to see that little boy for his potential, and not just for his distractions.

Our mission is to connect kids in a distracted world.

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Dr. Jeff