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The Ear Infection Solution that Moms Are Raving About

Chiropractic can have a benefit on your child's ear infections, first, by improving the overall immune capacity of your child, and second, by promoting improved drainage by the Eustachian tube.

The purpose of a chiropractic adjustment is to help restore the normal functioning of the nervous system so that the immune system may work at optimal capacity.

  • Numerous studies reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association, The Lancet, ect, have shown antibiotics to be ineffective, and inappropriate for the treatment of ear infections.
  • Research has demonstrated that up to 70% of ear aches are caused by viruses, which are not affected by antibiotics. Even with this statistic, antibiotics are still prescribed the majority of the time.
  • Chronic ear infections may be related to your child's birth process
  • Stop ear infections safely and naturally

Chiropractic Research

In a study by Fallon published in the Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics, a strong correlation between chiropractic adjustments and the resolution of ear infections was found.  The study examined 332 children ranging in age from 27 days to five years with chronic ear infections.  Each child was given a series of chiropractic adjustments.  It was found that nearly 80 per cent of the children did not experience another ear infection within the six-month period following their initial visits.

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"I feel so helpless and frustrated every time my little girl gets an ear infection. It's obvious that antibiotic after antibiotic is not the answer."

How does pediatric chiropractic help?

Proper movement of your child's cervical spine is responsible for good ear drainage and clear nerve function to the ear tubes.  Improper movement of the cervical spine can happen in-utero (i.e. breech baby, cord around neck) or during the birth process especially with the use of birth interventions (i.e. forceps, vacuum extraction, c-section).

When there is physical trauma to the neck in-utero, during birth, or from a fall early in life it creates that “kink” in close proximity to the “drain pipes” coming from the ears, sinuses, and head. Specifically, the top two vertebra share a lot of nerve supply, muscles, and structures with the inner ear and sinuses.


How to find out if I can help....

The purpose of chiropractic care is to allow your body to function optimally without any disturbance between the communication of the BRAIN to your BODY through your spine and nervous system.

Your child's nervous system controls all functions of their body including how your body heals and repairs, therefore it is essential for us to check how well their NERVOUS SYSTEM is communicating and check for any disturbance.  This examination is completed in our office through postural analysis, computerized thermal scanning, and surface EMG testing (depending on age of child).  The results of this testing will tell me if I may be able to help your child.

In case you were wondering, adjustments in my office are done by using a mechanical device called an Integrator which looks like a little pogo stick that applies a light, but quick toggle recoil adjustment.  The adjustment is safe, effective, and non invasive and kids love getting adjusted in our office.  During an adjustment a child will either by face down or face up on the table and will only feel one or two "clicks" during a visit.

Dr. Jeff is a pediatric and family chiropractor located in London, Ontario.  With over 14 years of experience Dr. Jeff has helped thousands of patients restore their health by allowing their bodies to function optimally.  He believes that we all have a perfect innate ability to heal, but we need our nervous system to function optimally and without any disturbance.  The #1 cause of disturbance to our nervous system is Stress, and we have more stress in our lives today than any previous generation.

Dr. Jeff uses very specific and gentle techniques to restore balance in patient's nervous systems.  Specifically Dr. Jeff's primary focus is upper cervical care and sacral balance.  He combines multiple techniques including toggle recoil, torque release technique, and Thompson Drop technique.